Sunday, September 17, 2023


This is attempt number 10,000 at running an art blog. So... hi :D

I really wish there was a social media app/website that works like a homepage, where I can customize my own page, with a gallery feature and a chronological feed, and that's also frequented by my favorite artists. Right now, nothing really matches what I'm looking for.. Instagram is where most action happens, but I don't enjoy posting there as much as I do on, say, Twitter (or now X... <__<). But on Twitter/X, I miss a gallery or folder feature.

Lately, I've been into drawing a lot again. I don't have loads of time to create detailed illustrations one after another. So, I doodle a lot in my sketchbooks, which is easier and takes less time.

The sketch here shows Mocca, an original character (OC) of mine that I initially wanted to discard, but I've come to really like her, so I'm giving her another shot ^^."

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